Breast Augmentation Info Pack

Cosmetic Surgery


Preliminary cost estimate, including payment options, medicare, and health cover.


Outline and description of the cosmetic surgery process from consideration through to post-operation.


Options available for your breast implants including size, material, and placement.


What to consider before you decide to get a cosmetic surgery, as well as questions to ask during your consultation.


Why Should You Book Your FREE Consultation Today

The Western Australian government has given the green light to resume some elective surgery. For patients wanting to undertake cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lift, body and facial treatments, there are still many questions that need to be answered.

  • Dr Robert Goldman is a registered specialist surgeon, his one-on-one consultations normally incur a fee of up to $200. 
  • Find out when your surgery can be scheduled. There are still some restrictions for Category 2 and Category 3 patients.
  • Dr Goldman is a qualified, specialist surgeon and will offer expert medical advice for your selected procedure.

What type of questions should you ask during your consultation?

No doubt you’ll have specific questions about your procedure and your expected results. However, here are some questions you may not have thought of but should consider asking.


Do I need a referral from my GP?

Only if you wish to claim from Medicare or your private health insurer. See next question.


Will my surgery be partly reimbursed by Medicare or my private health insurer?

This will depend on the type of surgery and your health insurance provider. Dr Goldman will explain this in further detail during your consultation.


When can I book in my procedure?

Currently, the WA government has prioritised Category 2 patients for elective surgery. This refers to patients who are experiencing pain. Category 3 patients are those who are considered low risk, even though surgery may be of high importance to the patient.


What is the cost and what payment options do you offer?

The cost of your procedure will be outlined by Dr Goldman in your consultation. You have a few alternative payment options, including payment plans and payment via your superannuation. Not many people know that you can access your super to pay for cosmetic surgery. Dr Goldman will explain all the finance options available for your procedure.

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