Breast Augmentation & Implants Aftercare

Upon going home after the procedure, you will be fitted with a specialised support bra that you will need to purchase from a supplier that we refer you to.

It will support the breasts in a comfortable healing position. We request that you wear this bra at all times except for showering for approximately 4 weeks. We will provide you with medication for any discomfort. Most patients do not need anything for pain 6 to 7 days after surgery.

During the first week after breast augmentation surgery, you will need to take life very easy, and avoid heavy lifting and excessive movements of your arms. Activities can be gradually increased after the first week, within your own comfort level. You will be able to shower 5 days after your surgery. You should be able to return to your work 1 week after your surgery. You will need to avoid aerobics and other strenuous exercise for about six weeks after your surgery. It is recommended that air travel be avoided for the first two weeks after surgery. However if you have any specific concerns, you should discuss them with your Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Goldman.

For the first few weeks after breast augmentation surgery, it is possible that you may feel that your breast implants are “too big” or perhaps too tight. This will be due to the swelling from the breast enlargement surgery. After a few weeks, this swelling settles. You will also have become more accustomed to your new breast size at that time. Some women report that their nipples become over-sensitive or under-sensitive following breast augmentation surgery. These findings are most common during the first few weeks after breast implant surgery. They are usually temporary.

There will be a review consultation organised for you to see Dr Goldman 14 days after your breast augmentation surgery. Further appointments will be set up for you to see Dr Goldman both 6 weeks and 3 months from the date of your cosmetic surgery.