Breast Augmentation Risks

Breast Augmentation is a relatively straightforward procedure but as with any operation, there are risks associated with surgery and complications specific to this procedure.

A well known and publicised problem is capsular contracture. When a breast implant is inserted, a scar capsule forms around it as part of the natural healing process. In 2% to 5% of cases, the capsule may sometimes tighten and compress the breast implant, causing the breast to feel firmer than normal. Capsular contracture can occur to varying degrees. If it is severe, it can cause discomfort or changes in the breast’s appearance. In such cases, more surgery may be needed to modify or remove the scar tissue, or perhaps remove or replace the breast implant. Dr Goldman has a number of methods to minimize capsular contracture and he will explain this to you during your consultation.

As with any surgical procedure, although uncommon, excessive bleeding following breast augmentation surgery may cause swelling and pain. A small percentage of women may develop an infection around the breast implant. Whilst the majority of women do not experience complications, you should discuss with Dr Goldman any concerns that you may have in this regard. At the consultation, Dr Goldman will provide you with a detailed Breast Augmentation Booklet which covers this area in detail.