Breast Labiaplasty Info (NEW)

What's included in the labiaplasty information pack?

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What to consider before you decide to get a labiaplasty, as well as questions to ask during your consultation.

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Outline and description of the labiaplasty process from consideration through to post-procedure.

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Options available for your procedure including technique and accompanying surgeries.

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Preliminary cost estimate, including payment options, healthy cover, and finaning options.

Your surgeon


Dr Robert Goldman FRACS (ID 141033), MB, ChB, B.Sc (hons) is a Specialist Surgeon with a focus in Cosmetic Surgery with over 35 years of experience. He has helped thousands of women to become more confident and satisfied with their breasts and body image through breast and body procedures.

Your safety and total breast health are Dr Goldman’s top priority. As well as being a leading Specialist Surgeon, Dr Goldman continues to specialise as a surgeon in women’s breast health. Specialising in both of these select fields is rare and ensures that Dr Goldman will take care of both your Cosmetic Breast Enhancement aspirations, as well as your overall breast health.

A consultation with Dr Goldman will always include a complimentary medical breast assessment, which ensures total breast health prior to proceeding with Cosmetic Breast Enhancement. Aftercare is also an essential part of Dr Goldman’s professional service to his clients with a personalised follow-up plan provided at your consultation.

Dr Goldman is happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure during your consultation and will offer extensive reading and educational material to take home to assist you in the education and decision-making process.

Your surgeon

Dr Robert Goldman

Frequently Asked Questions

The patient will receive anesthetic before the surgery and should feel no pain. Speak to your surgeon if you have any concerns regarding anesthesia or pain.

A standard labiaplasty will take no longer than 2 hours.

The patient is able to leave the clinic 3-4 hours post-surgery (this is subject to change depending on any complications during the procedure).

As of the 1/11/2018, changes are made to Medicare and what can be claimed as a medical procedure. Dr Goldman can send your client file to Medicare for approval before or after the surgery. If approved by Medicare, the patient’s surgery can be covered by Medicare.

Accordion Content

  • Wear 100% cotton underwear to avoid any discomfort.
  • Avoid wearing tight pants or fitted bottoms.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid indigestion.
  • Ice the area regularly and take pain medications as prescribed.
  • Do not partake in contact activities outside of the recommended timeline as discussed with Dr Goldman.

Every surgical procedure comes with its risks. Risks for labiaplasties are rare but they include heavy discharge mixed with blood and abnormal bruising called hematoma.

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