Breast Lift Risks

The Breast Lift procedure does leave noticeable, permanent scars.

Although Dr Goldman as your Cosmetic Surgeon works to minimise scarring as much as possible. Visible scars will be covered however by your bra or swimwear. Poor healing and more noticeable scarring is more common in smokers.

You can expect some loss of feeling in your nipples and breast skin which is caused by the initial swelling after the operation. This numbness usually fades as the swelling subsides, usually over 4 to 6 weeks after the operation. In a small percentage of patients, the numbness may last a year or more and in an even small percentage of patients, the numbness may be permanent.

As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, although uncommon, excessive bleeding following surgery may cause swelling and pain. Whilst the majority of women do not experience complications, you should discuss with Dr Goldman any concerns you have in this regard. At the consultation, your Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Goldman will provide you with a Breast Lift information pack which covers this area in detail.