Breast Lift Surgery

Dr Goldman performs Breast Lift surgery in an accredited hospital facility, using general anaesthesia. The procedure usually takes between 3 and 5 hours.

The type of technique Dr Goldman employs during a Breast Lift procedure depends upon the size of your breasts and how much they are sagging. The Breast Lift procedure basically involves removing skin from around the areola and also from the lower half of the breast, and then shifting the remaining breast tissue to firm up the breast. Excess skin is removed. 

There are two general categories of Breast Lift surgery. The concentric (or ‘doughnut’) Breast Lift surgery is best performed on women with smaller breasts, and the more common anchor-shaped Breast Lift surgery works best for women with extensive drooping. Dr Goldman will discuss all the options available as well as recommend the best option for you.

Concentric Breast Lift

This procedure involves drawing concentric circles around the areola and then removing this doughnut-shaped piece of skin. As the nipple and areola are moved upwards, the outer skin is pulled in and then sutured into place.

Anchor-Shaped Breast Lift

The first step with this method of Breast Lift involves creating an anchor-shaped incision that follows the contour of your breast. A keyhole shape incision is then made around the nipple and areola, defining a new, higher location for the nipple. The excess skin will be removed along with any excess breast tissue. The Cosmetic Surgeon will then move the nipple and areola up to the keyhole area and suture around the areola, down to the chest and along the sides of the breast.

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