There are 3 main reasons women become concerned:

  • thinning of the lining and layers of the vagina together with a decrease in the number of the lubricating glands.
  • loss of volume of the tissues within the labia, both outer (majora) and inner (minora) with a resulting degree of “emptiness” and droop of these structures.
  • excessive length of the inner labia.

The last point is not a particular effect of the ageing process and is mainly a concern of “younger’ women.

The treatment options for the changes of vaginal wall thinning and loss of lubricating glands consist of “ oestrogen creams” or very recently, laser treatment. Recent studies have found that the application of laser (using a very specific laser system and vaginal probe) results in the reversal of the ageing related changes that lead to increasing vaginal discomfort. The improvements have been shown to result in a return to a more youthful lining structure within the wall of the vagina together with an increase in the lubricating glands.

Although Dr Goldman does not have this laser technology as yet, it is forthcoming. Dr Goldman does perform the other components of vaginal rejuvenation as discussed below.

Labiaplasty is an increasingly common and now very popular operation that results in a more “tidy” appearance with the outer labia covering more of the inner labia. An option with the labiaplasty operation is the reduction in the clitoral hood that either can be performed simply as  a request or when this skin becomes excessive or sags as can often occur with age.

For the overall loss of volume of the outer labia, Dr Goldman and his cosmetic nurse injector, Keris Gordon are now using the standard fillers to replace the lost volume of the labia majora, again resulting in a more youthful appearance.