What is Breast Augmentation?

There has been a rapid increase in breast augmentation procedures over the last decade. Whether you call it breast augmentation, breast enlargement, breast implant or simply a ‘boob job’, there’s plenty to know before you make a commitment.  

Some of the more common questions revolve around age, cost, health and lifestyle. We’ll dig deep to uncover everything you need to know before you decide to go ahead with your breast augmentation.

What is Breast Augmentation?

The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. During the procedure, silicone or saline implants are placed over or under the breast muscle. There has often been debate over which procedure is best – under or over. Some specialists, including Dr Robert Goldman, only place implants over pectoral muscles as it is the safest method, produces the best results and most important of all, gives the most natural result.

Why is Breast Augmentation so appealing?

People want to gain symmetry in the breasts, restore desirable cleavage or lift and rejuvenate their breasts after weight loss, breastfeeding and pregnancy.

5 key questions 

It is vital that you are physically and emotionally prepared for your new body. To make sure you’re ready, here are five questions to ask yourself. 

1) Your Health

How will your physical and mental health be affected by the change?

You could be fit as a fiddle, but it’s important to think about how your body will react to implants in the long run. Consult with your specialist surgeon to ensure that you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation and that your physical and mental health won’t suffer.

2) Lifestyle 

Will you sustain the recovery period which requires rest and no strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks?

Depending on the size you decide on for the enhancement, you will need to consider how this might affect your work schedule and lifestyle. If you are athletic and will continue to be so, would this new addition to your body impact your lifestyle? Can you cope with changes to accommodate breast implants?

If you are someone who leads a very active life, you will need to allow up to eight weeks of rest. This includes no strenuous exercise and more time towards recovery. In some cases, depending on the individual, the recovery period might be longer. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to advise you on how long you’ll need to recover. 

3) Family Planning



If you have pregnancy and childbirth planned for your future, how will the breast implants affect your plan?


Reports from the Australian Breastfeeding Association say that most mothers who have breast surgery can still breastfeed.

If you’re planning to have children, make sure you discuss this with your doctor early on. Your doctor will explain what effect, if any, your surgery will have on your breastfeeding abilities. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, your safety and priorities should be at the forefront of the conversation.    


The hormone changes during and after pregnancy can cause various parts of the body to swell, including your breasts. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, talk to your doctor. 

4) The Right Surgeon

Is your surgeon a specialist cosmetic surgeon?

Breast Augmentation falls under the cosmetic surgery umbrella, so it is essential to seek out a qualified surgeon (AHPRA ID MED0000978565).

Not all cosmetic surgeons are Australian registered specialist surgeons and not all have extensive experience performing breast augmentations. Make sure you choose an accredited specialist surgeon with years of surgery experience.

Always get referrals, ask for credentials and seek as much information as possible. Request an initial consultation to ensure you trust the surgeon and are going to be looked after from pre-procedure to aftercare.

5) Financing

Can you afford the surgery?

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery in Australia is around $8000 – $9000. 

The cost of the surgery broken down into the following:

  • Accreditation and experience as a cosmetic surgeon
  • Legal protection
  • Qualified anaesthetist
  • Percentage of success rate
  • The safety guarantee of surgical equipment used

Cost is the number one factor that leads people to seek out cheaper alternatives such as cosmetic filler injections or go abroad to places like Thailand for procedures

Many cosmetic surgeons in Australia are reluctant to undertake revision breast surgeries on patients who have had procedures abroad due to the risks involved.

You should also investigate what your health insurer may cover. Bupa and Medibank, along with others, offer some cover for cosmetic surgery. Make sure you read the fine print and ask many questions on after-surgery hospital care, medicine cover and patient care cover. With some research, you can find one to offer a cover suited to you.

Some practitioners are flexible with payment options, offering Supercare and other payment plans. 

Note: medical practitioners are not allowed to advertise/market any form of payment plan.  Although we are free to discuss payment options with an individual patient. SuperCare has been deemed to NOT constitute payment plan advertising.

Final Advice

In your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, make sure you do your research. 

If you’re ready to book a consultation with a qualified specialist cosmetic surgeon, contact Dr Robert Goldman’s friendly team today.

Dr Robert Goldman is a Specialist Surgeon with a focus in Cosmetic Surgery, specialising in breast and body cosmetic surgery.  

He has been awarded FRACS (ID 141033),  is a fully qualified surgeon (AHPRA ID MED0000978565) (B.SC (hons), MB.CH.B.) with 35 years of cosmetic surgery experience throughout Australia and in Perth. On top of this, he holds a science degree in Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology.


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