Breast Implant Replacements & Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Risks

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If you’re considering a breast augmentation or you’ve already had breast surgery, you may be wondering:

Will my implants ever need to be replaced? or Am I at risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma?

Of course, each person and procedure is unique. However, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind when electing to get a “boob job.”

Dr. Robert Goldman is a skilled practitioner with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. In this post, he will share his expert insights on breast augmentation and re-augmentation.

Understanding Breast and Implants Health

In order to understand the status of your implants and the health of your breast tissue, it’s important to conduct breast exams.

Every year, visit your physician to have your breasts examined. And, be sure to conduct self-breast exams to look for any irregular bumps or changes in your breast tissue or implants. By staying on top of your breast evaluations, you will be able to detect any changes in your boobs earlier.

Breast Implants Associated Lymphoma Risks

If you are worried about breast implants putting you at risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, do your research extensively and discuss this with health practitioners until you are completely confident with your

The Therapeutic Goods  Administration has advised that because the disease is rare, experts do NOT recommend removal of breast implants where there are no problems with the implant. Further, there is NOT a recommendation to surgeons to remove implants in the absence of a lymphoma diagnosis.

Regarding Breast Implant Illness or Silicone Implant Illness, this is controversial and to date is UNPROVEN.

A significant body of information has appeared across all social media platforms and forums that is not scientific.

A recent Special Topic article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery July 2019, Volume 144, Issue 1, pagers 98-109 concludes:

“To the best of our body of scientific knowledge to date, there have not been any concrete or evidence-based studies or peer-reviewed data concerning the formation of a new syndrome: silicone implant illness.”

From breast reductions to breast lifts to breast augmentation, each procedure comes with various considerations. When deciding to have breast surgery, you’ll want to think about the following questions:

  • How long do breast implants typically last?
  • What are signs the signs that your breast implants may need replacing?
  • How can I ensure your implants and breasts are healthy?
  • Where will you get your breast enhancement in Perth?

Do Breast Implants Need to be Replaced?



As with any cosmetic surgery, breast implants are not intended to last forever. According to a study conducted by the Food and Drug Association in 2011, one out of every five patients will need their breast implants replaced or revised after 10 years of the surgery.

Keep in mind, less than 3% of revisions are due to rupture or deflation, and most clients choose to further refine their implants for personal or aesthetic reasons. For example, some women may want to adjust the size or shape of their implants after their initial procedure.

Signs You Are Breast Implants May Need Replacing

In other cases, breast implants may require replacing. Luckily, there are tell-tale signs that indicate a need for a follow-up procedure.

Here’s a list of reasons why breast implants could need replacing:

Rupture or deflation

If a breast begins to look deformed, lacks shape, is uneven, or you have strange sensations in your breast area, a rupture has likely occurred. These symptoms require attention from your surgeon.


Stiffened texture in one or both of your breasts could be the result of hardened scar tissue. Hardening may be accompanied by pain or tenderness. Consult your surgeon, as this may require getting the implant removed or replaced.

Wish to change breast size or style

After time, you may simply desire a change in the size or style of your implants. Keep an open line of communication with your surgeon in order to address your aesthetic desires and needs.

Steps to Have Lasting Breast Implants

Although there is no way to guarantee lifelong breast implants, you can increase your likelihood of a long-lasting augmentation by following these simple tips:

  • Research expert surgeons prior to your procedure
  • Choose an implant size that you’ll be happy with long-term
  • Follow all post-operation procedures and instructions
  • Schedule checkups if concerns exist

Are You Ready to Schedule Your Breast Augmentation?



It’s ultra-important to work with an experienced doctor that values your safety and goals. Dr. Goldman has the necessary credentials to perform high-quality breast augmentation. Plus, he is a registered specialist surgeon. Thousands of women have found a renewed sense of body confidence through his procedures.

If you’re ready to get a breast augmentation — or you’d like to speak with a professional about scheduling a breast re-augmentation — reach out. Dr. Goldman prioritizes client’s concerns and satisfaction.


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