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Why Have A Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)?

Heavy breasts can cause a number of both physical and psychological problems for women. It is because of this that an increasing number of women are turning to the breast reduction cosmetic procedure to alleviate pain, self-esteem problems, and experience a range of life-changing benefits.

The Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery will result in smaller, firmer breasts that will take on a more youthful appearance. Getting a breast reduction will allow you to exercise more freely and feel more confident. 

Women who undergo Breast Reductions often experience improved self-esteem, a better sense of wellbeing, more confidence in their self-image, and reduced self-consciousness.





Things to Consider Before Getting a Breast Reduction

Who should consider a breast reduction?

Breast reduction can be considered if you lead a physically healthy lifestyle and the following symptoms persist due to relatively large breasts

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  • Poor posture
  • Breasts that are significantly asymmetric in size and shape
  • Breasts not proportioned to one’s body size
  • Rashes, chaffing and infections under the breast
  • Trouble sleeping due to discomfort caused by breasts
  • Heavy drooping of the breasts and downward pointing nipple and areolas
  • Shoulder indents caused by tight bra straps
  • Back, Neck and Shoulder pains due to large breasts
  • Self-esteem issues caused by large breasts

If you are experiencing two or more of the symptoms above then you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

When is the right time to get a Breast Reduction?

Making changes to your body can impact your overall self-image, before doing so it is important to ask yourself all the right questions.

Are your breasts fully developed?

You will need to wait until your breasts have fully developed, as the breast will continue to develop after the surgery.

Have you stopped breastfeeding?

The reduction surgery can cause issues with future breastfeeding. Dr Goldman will discuss your options during your consultation.

Are you planning on bearing children in the future?

Pregnancy causes the enlargement of the breasts, which can alter the results of a reduction surgery.

Do you have any nipple piercings?

Piercings in the area can lead to infection.

Are you a smoker?

Smoking increases the risk of complications in patients during and after surgery. Speak to the surgeon about your lifestyle for more recommendations.

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Why choose Dr Goldman? Meet your breast augmentation surgeon now


Breast reductions tend to be based on 80% functionality and 20% cosmetic, though this can vary from patient to patient.

To make the best choices for you and give you the results you aspire to, it is crucial to have the right information and to be guided through the process by an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon. During your consult with Dr Goldman, you will go through each step and receive reading material to take home to assist you in the decision-making process.

01. Consultation

At the consultation with Dr Goldman, it is helpful if you have a rough idea or example of your expected results. Choosing the best size and shape possible for your breast reduction surgery is a collaborative effort between you and your cosmetic surgeon.

Through a series of detailed measurements of your chest and breasts, along with an image library of breast reductions performed by Dr Goldman, you will be able to determine the breast volume and shape that is best for you.

02. Support

Throughout the entire process, from your initial consult to the procedure to aftercare, Dr Goldman and his experienced team are committed to making sure you get the best results from your cosmetic surgery by offering you the highest level of professional care and ongoing support.

03. Aftercare

As you’ll be under local or general anaesthesia for the procedure, you’ll need to arrange to be picked up from the outpatient centre after your surgery. For the first 24 hours post-surgery you will be required to rest as much as possible. Get plenty of rest with pillows supporting your back when lying down and ensure that you use the medications and ice packs provided by Dr Goldman as needed.

1-3 days post-surgery symptoms will involve chest discomfort, potential bruising and swelling (don’t be alarmed; this is to be expected and normal after surgery).

5-7 days after the procedure you’ll be able to return to work, if patient recovery is satisfactory (if your work or routine requires strenuous movement of the body, please tell Dr Goldman during your first consult)

4-6 weeks post-surgery your body is still recovering and will require you to refrain from strenuous exercises.

12 months post-surgery: the recovery process is nearly complete and any swelling and bruising should be gone. Your scarring will start to fade and you’ll look incredible!

Have questions about breast reductions? Contact Dr Goldman now!

Your surgeon – Dr Robert Goldman

Dr Robert Goldman FRACS, MB,ChB, B.Sc (hons) is a Specialist Surgeon with a focus in Cosmetic Surgery with over 35 years of experience. He has helped thousands of women to become more confident and satisfied with their breasts and body image through breast and body procedures.

Your safety and total breast health are Dr Goldman’s top priority.

Dr Goldman is happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure during your consultation and will offer extensive reading and educational material to take home to assist you in the education and decision-making process.

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Breast Reduction Cost

The cost of breast reduction varies from person to person based on current and desired results.

Dr Goldman is also pleased to offer payment options through Supercare – read our article on financing your cosmetic surgery to learn more.

Have questions regarding breast reduction surgery prices in Perth? Get in touch with our team to request a quote.

Breast Reduction Before & After


Case A - Reduction

Patient Age: 21Height & Weight: 5ft 2in – 61kg
Children: noneBreast Implants: none
Pre-Op Bra Size: 12EPost-Op Bra Size: 12DD

Case D - Reduction

Patient Age: 20Height & Weight: 5ft 4in – 60kg
Children: noneBreast Implants: none
Pre-Op Bra Size: FPost-Op Bra Size: DD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction methods call for an incision to be made, which can mean scarring. Temporary scarring will fade over time as your body heals from the procedure. If you are prone to scarring and keloids, speak to Dr Goldman about your options during the consultation.

Smaller, firmer breasts based on the desired results discussed with the surgeon and raised nipples.

The surgery is performed in the outpatient centre which will mean you can leave on the same day as the procedure.

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