Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a consultation with Dr Goldman?

The easiest way to get in touch is to visit our contact us page. If you email us, give us your best contact phone number so the receptionist can phone you with your appointment details.

Do I need a GP referral?

If you wish to claim from either Medicare or private health insurance you can only do so if your GP has given you a referral. This is a Medicare “rule” as Dr Goldman is a registered specialist.

Does Dr Goldman charge for consultations?

Yes. Dr Goldman is a registered specialist surgeon and conducts the entire consultation himself. Therefore, Dr Goldman’s consultation fee is $200 but you will be rebated a part of this by Medicare.

Can I book a consultation after hours?

Dr Goldman does offer after hours consultations but you will need to pre-pay for this at the time of booking. Normally, these occur after 6pm Monday through Friday or Saturday mornings. The fee is $200.

What is the process from there?

You will be given all the information necessary to make a decision whether to go ahead and book an actual operation. This includes an information pack containing written material including an initial cost estimate.

The next step?

Make a second consultation appointment where any questions will be answered, a surgery date can be confirmed, the hospital admission forms are completed,” before” photos are taken and any final consultations can be arranged.

Does Dr Goldman offer payment plans?

No, Dr Goldman does not offer “in house” finance.

How do I make payments?

Dr Goldman and his receptionist accept most modern forms of payment. These include electronic funds transfer (internet banking, direct transfer), payment via EFTPOS including most credit cards. Other forms of payment are available by request.

For the actual surgical procedure, part payments are possible but payment of the full surgery fee has to be made by 2 weeks before the surgery date.

Do I need follow up appointments?

It is usual practice for the surgeon to follow you up. This is to ensure that no complications are occurring, to discuss any issues that you might have but specifically, the perform breast assessments as part of the breast cancer prevention strategy if you have undergone any “breast procedure”.

Love his work! I had a breast augmentation about 3 months ago. Dr Goldman saw me 3 times just to make me feel at ease with my sizing. He is a fun and talented man, with a wealth of knowledge. Anyone would be lucky to have him as their surgeon. I am extremely happy with the result of my surgery. Thank you Dr Goldman.
Bree Gavranic
Bree Gavranic
04:33 13 Feb 18
I can’t rate dr Goldman or Jessica highly enough, I had multiple appointments prior to my surgery and also emails/calls with Jessica with silly questions and was always treated fantastically well.Dr Goldman is a great surgeon and has a great sense of humour and great bedside manner with patients.He also has great respect from the nurses in the hospital ward.Any procedure I would consider in the future I would 110% be going back to see him
Km_ Edits
Km_ Edits
11:24 15 Mar 18
I highly recommend Dr Goldman. He is very professional, friendly and had a wealth of knowledge. He answered every question from start to finish and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I am extremely happy with my results and wished I had done it sooner.
Vanessa Vaz
Vanessa Vaz
13:13 20 Feb 18
I had a full tummy tuck in Cairns Dec 2017. Dr Goldman saw me for consults 3 times before my procedure. Answered all my many questions which made me very confident with his work on the day of procedure. Nearly 4 months post procedure and Im very happy I had it done. I highly recommend Dr Robert Goldman.
Nicole Vermey
Nicole Vermey
18:10 10 Apr 18