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Located within Dr Goldman’s practice is the highly respected Perth Beaute and Body. Owned and operated by Charlene McTavish, Perth Beaute and Body offers a complete beauty therapy service.

Who is Perth Beaute and Body?

After completing a Diploma of Beauty Therapy – Aesthetician in 1993, Charlene travelled Australia and the world learning about various cultures and skin treatments. As Charlene expected, each ethnic culture had a unique response to beauty therapy. This experience has led to an ongoing study of common skin issues in various cultures and developing suitable and effective treatments.

As part of Charlene’s 28 years in beauty therapy, five years were spent at the exclusive Palazzo Versace Beauty Spa in Queensland. While working with the rich and famous was a great experience, Charlene’s focus was drawn towards helping everyday women with everyday skin issues.

“It’s not just about treating the issue, it’s also training people how to better look after their bodies and improve their overall wellbeing.” 

Charlene’s experience with cosmetic tattooing plays a big part in her association with Dr Goldman. There may be occasions where a patient requires an alteration to their skin pigmentation or a tattoo recreation of the nipple-areola area – an experienced cosmetic tattooist can help a client feel complete. One of Charlene’s greatest assets is her understanding of common skin issues – especially in mature women. Many of her treatments are designed specifically for women who may be noticing an increase in sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles or scarring.

Everyone’s skin is unique and should be treated as such. If you want to talk to an experienced Beauty Therapist about rejuvenating your skin, contact Perth Beaute and Body.

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