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Signs of ageing are usually first noticed on the face.

It is this that other people will also notice and therefore, attempts at preventing the ageing process and reversing its effects occupy the amount of time, effort and cost that we see today.

It is not only the skin that undergoes these effects but also the deeper layers and structures including the supporting tissues and even the facial bony structures. Often, the rate at which the ageing process occurs is genetically determined and hence cannot be prevented. Environmental factors are the other major contributor to this process and these can be prevented and even reversed to some extent. The sun is the major contributor here but in addition, cigarettes and other personal factors come into play.

The next section on Facial Rejuvenation goes into some of the treatments available but in general, the options are divided into cosmetic products, facial injectables, skin therapies ( peels and dermabrasion),  skin tightening options  as well as improvements in skin texture, reduction in pore size, removal of pigmentation, sun spots and other skin manifestations of ageing  are treated with radio frequency, IPL/AFT, laser, invasive surgery (facelift). Dr Goldman does not perform actual facial cosmetic surgery.

Finally, options now exist for the improvement of facial scarring including acne and chicken pox effects. Again, these include radio frequency techniques and ablative laser.

Dr Goldman uses Alma Lasers Accent Ultra and Legato platforms for radio-frequency and the Alma Lasers Harmony XL for Advanced Fluorescent Therapy ( advanced IPL) and actual laser.

Dr Goldman, Hannah Goldman (RN), and Charlene McTavish, Dermal Therapist cosmetic “injector” will perform an assessment of your skin and facial contours and advise/make recommendations according to the issues that concern you most. These consultations may be performed in conjuction or individually depending on your particular desires.

Please phone us on 08 9446 4444 to arrange an appointment directly or email reception@robertgoldman.com.au or hannah@robertgoldman.com.au

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