Breast Reduction Aftercare

The pain associated with breast reduction cosmetic surgery varies from person to person.

In general, it’s not considered to be particularly severe. There may be pain for the first 24 hours and discomfort for perhaps one to two weeks. Your Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Goldman, will ensure that you have adequate pain medication, however most patients cope very well with minimal need for medication.

Following the Breast Reduction cosmetic procedure, you will have dressings covering incision sites which will restrict your ability to shower in the first week following surgery. With some more extensive Breast Reductions, a small tube may be placed in each breast to drain off blood and fluids for the first day or two. A compression bra may be required to be worn for a number of weeks. The original dressings must stay intact and in place for 2 weeks.

It is recommended that patients take two weeks off work after Breast Reduction cosmetic surgery. If your job involves any form of heavy lifting or straining of any kind, your time off work may need to be extended. During this time you should avoid household duties. You will need to avoid aerobics and other strenuous exercises until about six weeks after your surgery. However if you have specific concerns, you should discuss them with Dr Goldman.

There will be a review consultation organised for you to see your Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Goldman 14 days after your surgery. Further appointments will be set up for you to see Dr Goldman both 6 weeks and 3 months from the date of surgery.

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