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The bad effects of sun and ageing are known as photo-ageing.

Attempts to slow down and reverse these effects are driving developments in the areas of skin care and treatments that result in a more healthy and thus better looking skin.

The concept of skincare is not new however, the concept of what is considered a better “product” has evolved. Traditional products for example, moisturisers have evolved into a concept called cosmaceuticals. These are a range of products that combine cosmetics with very active agents (pharmaceuticals) now known to be essential in the repair, nurturing and maintenance of skin.

Dr Goldman believes this is an essential part of a cosmetic surgery practice. The product line we use has been scientifically formulated to contain the appropriate agents for the repair, nurturing and maintenance of your skin.

The daily requirements are:

  • Cleansing
  • Restoration
  • Hydration
  • Repair
  • Protection

The main component used to ensure the best restoration for your skin must contain what are called antioxidants. These agents protect the skin from the sun (ultraviolet) and pollution. In addition, antioxidants are involved in scavenging noxious elements that not only cause deterioration of the skin but also can cause skin diseases.

Vitamins B and C are the main ingredient here. There are others. These agents stimulate collagen, inhibit elastin, reduce pigment production and improve the skin’s barrier functions. Vit B reduces water loss from the skin itself, it does this by promoting lipid and protein production. Another important agent is called co-enzyme-Q10. This counteracts the harmful effects of ultraviolet and also, is capable of reducing wrinkles.

There are natural moisturising factors present in the skin and hydration is a part of aiding these natural moisturisers. Many of the commercial products are adequate in this regard.

Products that can repair must be a part of the regime. Chief among these are the vitamins A, B and C.

Recently, topical Vit A products have been demonstrated to be very beneficial in skin repair.

Finally, products that protect against the sun must include agents that can filter all forms of ultraviolet. Most common forms of sunscreen only contain anti-UVB agents. It is the 2 kinds of UVA ( I and II) that are as important. Zinc oxide containing sunscreens are among the better products but those that have an additional compound called avobenzone ( Trade Name Parsol 1789) are some of the best sunscreens available.

So, the use of skincare products is the first step in a line of treatments. Next, facial injectables are used to reduce wrinkles, replace volume loss from areas of the face such as the cheeks or to enhance the lips. Then come peels and microdermabrasion. For more advanced skin changes, IPL and RF (Intense Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency) are used for blemishes, wrinkles, “sun”” spots and other areas of skin discolouration or pigmentations. In addition, these latter treatments are able to gently “resurface” the face and tighten the skin.

Next up the treatment ladder is laser. This is the most powerful treatment and is capable of completely resurfacing and rejuvenating facial skin. There are various types of lasers with different treatments that are possible.

The final option is actual face lift surgery. This is a radical operation and one that is being performed less and less as the other treatments discussed above evolve and improve.

Dr Goldman and his cosmetic nurse will discuss options with you and evaluate your skin before making any recommendations. During a consultation, we will take a history from you, evaluate your skin type, address your issues and concerns and formulate a personalised treatment plan. At the initial consultation, no treatment will be commenced. We do not charge for multiple consultations only the first.

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