Upper Abdominal Lift (Reverse Abdominoplasty)

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What is an upper abdominal lift?

An Upper Abdominal Lift (also known as reverse abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), upper tummy tuck, and tummy up) is a procedure that lifts and firms tissue and excess fat from the upper stomach that cannot be removed with only diet and exercise.

How does an upper abdominal lift work?

A reverse abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin above the navel that cannot be treated effectively with a conventional abdominoplasty.

Should you choose Liposuction or an Abdominal Lift?

Liposculpture / Liposuction could be a suitable alternative and is a less invasive procedure with minimal scarring. Liposuction is generally more suitable for younger patients with good skin elasticity.

If there are large fat deposits or excess skin, it is likely that you will require an upper abdominal lift cosmetic surgery rather than liposculpture. If the amount of loose skin/fat is not significant, a mini upper body lift may be possible. However, your surgeon will thoroughly go through this important choice with you.

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The procedure

How long does it take?

Upper Abdominal Lift Cosmetic Surgery is a major cosmetic surgical procedure taking around 2-3 hours. Dr Goldman performs Upper Abdominal Lift often as a day procedure within an accredited hospital facility under general anaesthesia. In intensive cases or if there are other health problems, an overnight stay may need to be arranged.

It is imperative that all options are considered in detail before making a final decision. Dr Goldman will review your areas of concern and recommend the procedure that will work best for you.

What is the structure of a typical Upper Abdominal surgery?

The surgical method used depends on the individual patient.

The general conduct of surgery is as follows:

  • Dr Goldman will mark and measure the skin and fat to be removed before any anaesthetic drugs are given.
  • An incision along the pre-marked lines is made.
  • Dr Goldman separates the skin from the underlying muscle layer, and the skin flap is removed.
  • Finally, the wound is stitched, dressings are applied, and a temporary drain-tube may be inserted to drain excess fluid from the surgical site.

Dr Goldman always uses delicate, internal and dissolving sutures to close all wounds.


Why choose Dr Goldman? Meet your abdominal lift specialist now

Why have an upper abdominal lift?

There are many reasons people choose to have a reverse tummy tuck. To make the best choices and get your desired results, the knowledge and experience of an experienced cosmetic surgeon is essential.

These include:

To remove excess fat and skin after gaining weight

To remove loose skin after losing weight

To remove fat deposits in the upper abdomen area

To improve skin elasticity if you are an older patient

If there is persistent upper midsection laxity after a tummy tuck operation

To minimise self-consciousness associated with excess large fat deposits or loose skin. These areas often don’t respond well to diet and exercise alone

Risks of upper abdominal lifts

While a majority of patients do not experience complications, it’s important to know the risks that can occur with any cosmetic surgery procedure. You will be able to discuss any concerns you may have at your consultation with Dr Goldman.


There will be visible scarring with Upper Abdominal Lift Cosmetic Surgery although Dr Goldman works to minimise scarring as much as possible. The main upper tummy tuck scar can be kept within the boundaries of the breast crease beneath the breasts but will extend out onto your sides or even around onto your back depending on the extent of your upper abdominal lift.


With a mini upper body lift the wound the scar is mainly confined to the crease underneath the breasts. It will be visible in the region between the breasts for about 3-4cm. Scars begin to fade and flatten from approximately three months to two years. Poor scar healing and wider scarring are more common in smokers.


Bruising and numbness often occur with the upper ab lift procedure, and will be more severe in some people than in others. These side effects are unavoidable but Dr Goldman will do everything in his power to minimise and reduce discomfort.


As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, although uncommon, excessive bleeding following surgery may cause swelling and pain.

Upper Abdominal Lift Aftercare

Dr Goldman and his staff are committed to ensuring you achieve the best results from your cosmetic surgery by offering you the highest level of professional care and ongoing support.



  • It is likely that you will feel some pain and discomfort for the first few days after your surgery. It is also likely that your upper abdomen will be swollen.
  • We will ensure that you have the necessary pain medications, and you will be monitored very carefully and seen by Dr Goldman on a regular basis to provide maximum comfort.




  • Week one: After your upper abdominal lift cosmetic surgery, you will have dressings covering your wound which will restrict your ability to shower. During this period, you will be limited to a sponge bath.
  • Week two: In the second week following your upper abdominal lift you will be able to shower.
  • You may be required to wear a compression garment for four weeks following your cosmetic surgery.


  • It is recommended that patients take two weeks off work following the cosmetic surgery to recover. If your job involves any form of lifting, bending or exertion, you may need more time away from work.
  • While some people return to work after two weeks, others may need to take three or four weeks to rest and recuperate.


  • You should commence walking as soon as possible after your procedure – this will assist to reduce swelling, maintain muscle tone, and lower the chance of blood clots.
  • You will need to avoid heavy lifting for a couple weeks, until your stiches have healed.
  • You should avoid vigorous exercise for approximately six weeks.


You will be reassessed by your Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Goldman 14 days after your cosmetic surgery when the dressings are removed. No sutures (stitches) need to be removed as Dr Goldman uses delicate internal, absorbing sutures.


Further appointments will be made for you to see Dr Goldman both six weeks and three months from the date of your cosmetic surgery.

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Upper Abdominal Cost Perth

Dr Goldman is a registered specialist surgeon and conducts the entire consultation himself.

Consultation fee is $200 (which can be eligible for Medicare rebate)During your consultation he will be able to discuss your options going forward, including costs for upper abdominal lift and payment plans.

Why choose Dr Goldman?

Dr Goldman has over 35 years of cosmetic surgery experience. He is knowledgeable and skilled in providing upper tummy tucks in Perth and throughout Australia and has helped thousands of women get their dream bodies.

Your consultation

Your cosmetic surgeon, Dr Goldman, will guide you through each step and provide you with extensive information which will assist you in the decision-making process. It is always helpful to share an expectation of the result that you wish to achieve.

At the consultation, Dr Goldman will provide you with detailed upper abdominal lift information. This covers the area in detail and will allow you to make an informed decision whether to undergo this surgery.

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