Can I release my superannuation to pay for my plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures?

Yes, you can!

Dr. Goldman is pleased to offer SuperCare services to his patients.

Did you know that you can also fund your travel arrangements through SuperCare to visit Dr. Goldman?

SuperCare stems from an Australian Government initiative for individuals wishing for early release of their superannuation to pay for medical procedures.

SuperCare allows you to access your super to fund a variety of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures such as:

SuperCare has a friendly, helpful cosmetic services advice team to guide you through all steps of the cosmetic surgery process, including payment assistance. SuperCare’s trained team will help you get the early release of your super you need to secure up to a year of medical procedures from your superfund.

For more information on how to access your superfund for cosmetic surgery procedures, check out SuperCare’s website or contact Dr. Goldman.


Important information to note.


  • Upon approval of your application from SuperCare, you have to pay all Medical and Allied Health Professional’s fees prior to the commencement of any treatment and those fees must be paid to the Medical and Allied Health Professionals within 24 hours of the funds being released.
  • The services must be undertaken only by the Specialist or Practitioner who has provided the supporting Quotation. Failure to do so will result in notification being made to the DHS and ATO and legal action may be taken by them as a result.