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Are you considering getting a Labiaplasty in Australia?

Thousands of women get labiaplasty each year. Dr. Robert Goldman offers safe,
affordable labiaplasty procedures in Perth

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What's included in the labiaplasty information pack?

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If Labiaplasty is Right for You

What to consider before you decide to get a labiaplasty , as well as questions to ask during your consultation.


Procedure & Process Information

Outline and description of the labiaplasty process from consideration through to post-procedure.


Procedure Options

Options available for your procedure including technique and accompanying surgeries.


Costs Involved

What costs are involved, including payment options, healthy cover, and finaning options.

Why choose Dr Goldman?

It is important that you choose the best, most qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform your labiaplasty procedure.

Dr Robert Goldman is a specialist cosmetic surgeon registered with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS ID 141033) . Dr Goldman has performed hundreds of favourable labiaplasty procedures for women of all ages for many years.

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