Body Lift Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Massive weight loss is a huge change that brings with it feelings of accomplishment and celebration. But many people also find themselves frustrated by side effects of their success.

In particular, they wonder how to handle excess skin after losing a large amount of weight in a short period. Thankfully, there are a few cosmetic surgery procedures that offer dramatic post-weight loss results. Body lifts and tummy tucks are options to help augment your weight loss. If you are considering body lift surgery, here are a few considerations that should help you determine if it is right for you.


What is a Body Lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat deposits left behind after massive weight loss. The human body is a remarkable thing, but often it struggles to keep up with our fitness achievements. Once the skin has been over-stretched by the initial weight gain and then lost, the skin can not tighten and hence all the loose skin.

An abdominal lift after weight loss is appropriate for men and women who put in the hard work and lifestyle changes and want their appearance to reflect it. Body lift surgery removes large skin folds and fat from the hips, outer upper thighs, lower abdomen, and upper buttocks and sculpts the body’s size and shape to achieve desired results.


What You Need to Know

Body lift surgery is a surgical procedure that involves general anaesthesia and multiple incisions. It also requires you to have a consistent BMI for months leading up to and after the surgery.

There is a focused recovery period, with the first few days being especially critical for proper health and recovery. This includes exercise and activity restrictions that are gradually reduced as the body heals. The general timeline is two weeks before returning to work, four weeks before resuming most life activities, and eight weeks before a full return to physical exertion like exercise.


Procedures Involved

An abdominal lift involves general anaesthesia and multiple incisions; even though success rates are extraordinarily high, you must be a good candidate for a surgical procedure and work closely with your doctor to ensure the best results.

The surgery is a combination of tightening skin and removing skin and fat to achieve a more youthful and slim appearance. Selective incisions can provide a natural and tailored appearance that even the most successful weight loss surgery and exercise regimen cannot match.

When seeking a body lift surgery in Perth, the skilled care of Dr. Goldman’s team will help you achieve the overall body results you envisioned when embarking on your weight loss journey.


Insurance Options/Coverage

Body lift surgery is costly, though it is a life-changing investment in your health and appearance. The duration of each procedure is measured in hours, from 3-4 up to 8 or more. Some private insurance plans assist with operations, while others have accessed their accumulated superannuation funds to assist with payment.

Your selected surgeon’s office will provide you with a consultation that explores payment options and pricing, depending on the types of procedures and potential coverages. A more detailed price quote will explain the difference between fees and parties receiving payment, which can help you understand out-of-pocket expenses.



As an involved inpatient surgery, the overall cost can sound intimidating. However, compared to the potential complications and life-changing transformations, the cost can easily be perceived as a lifelong investment instead of a one-time elective sticker shock.

Further, there are different methods and payment assistance plans to enable you to start living the life you dream of today without worrying about paying all of it upfront.


Next Steps

If you have achieved massive weight loss recently, first of all, congratulate yourself. But if you have been disappointed with aspects of your appearance in spite of a massive change at the scales, you may be a prime candidate for body lift surgery. While the primary considerations of the tummy tuck procedure and body lifts are cosmetic, there are many measurable health effects caused by excess skin and fat deposits, including:

  • Difficulty in walking and exercising
  • Poor posture
  • Aching of the back and shoulders
  • Chronic rashes and infections in the folds
  • Personal hygiene issues due to the accumulation of sweat and problems without thorough cleaning of affected areas
  • Low or poor self-esteem


All of these reasons should only encourage candidates that their desire for the surgery is valid to help them envision a life free from complications associated with an otherwise positive experience.

Are you ready to take the next step to get your dream body?  Get in touch with Dr Goldman and request a consultation now!

How a Tummy Tuck May Be an Answer to Chronic Back Pain

If you’ve long been a sufferer of back pain, then you’re fully aware of the adverse effect it can have on your everyday life. Reduced mobility and near constant pain can make even the most trivial of tasks a chore.

Long-term medication use means recurring trips to the doctor and pharmacy and potentially living life through a haze. An inability to rest or sleep makes you sluggish and unresponsive at times when you should or need to be at your most alert.

Irritability and lost capacity to handle stress have put a strain on not just you, but your relationships. These are just a few of the daily challenges you might face. As time goes on, with little in the way of relief, these and other side effects of your back pain are only going to increase.

The prospect of continued misery can be overwhelming. What if there was a way to ease the constant suffering and never-ending doses of ineffective medicines? What if that remedy was a commonly performed procedure better known for its cosmetic benefits instead of medical advantages?

What if that procedure was a tummy tuck?


An Internal Back Brace

Abdominoplasty surgery, better known as a tummy tuck, has long been used to remove excess skin and fat from a patient’s abdomen. The operation also helps to reestablish weak or separated muscles caused by pregnancy, aging, and other factors.

The procedure is predominately used to repair the abdominal wall in women who were once pregnant, often as part of so-called “mommy makeovers.” The surgery is frequently cited as a confidence booster from the improved physical appearance of the patient’s mid-section.

Other individuals that have benefited from the surgery include people who’ve experienced significant weight loss or have had previous surgery. Aging and heredity factors, though less common, can also weaken muscles and draw patients to the tummy tuck procedure.

What is often lesser known is that, in tightening the connective tissues in and around your abdomen, your spine becomes more stable. This effectively tightens your core and helps to correct poor posture and solidify your upper body.


Can a Tummy Tuck Really Improve Back Pain?

A study done in 2011 cites that the abdominal procedure can be effective at reducing back pain. The study followed eight female patients with chronic lower back pain and loose abdominal muscle tissue. After undergoing the tummy tuck procedure, each one reported immediate improvement of their back pain.

A more recent study of 208 female patients, completed in Australia in 2016, showed a significant number of female patients experienced reduced pain in their backs and considerable improvement in urinary incontinence.

Although both studies represent a small sample, they do give real hope to long time back pain sufferers that alternatives do exist. It is important though to understand who can benefit most by having this procedure.


Not All Back Pain is Created Equal

There are many different types of back pain. A tummy tuck and the tightening of your core is not a guaranteed method in curing all forms.

Nerve problems, disc complication, or even more severe spinal damage, will be unaffected by the abdominal surgery with pain potentially increasing. Therefore, it’s essential to consult with your physician to fully determine the source of pain.

More traditional methods, including ones that do not involve surgery, may be available to better treat your back.


More Than Just Pain Relief

Tummy Tucks


Tummy Tucks are quickly becoming a popular cosmetic procedure in Australia.

Even with its growing popularity, a tummy tuck is still an invasive surgery that may not be for everyone. It is understandable though, if you can no longer bear the daily stresses that come with your chronic back pain, to seek an alternative.

If, after extensive consultation with a specialist and a cosmetic surgeon, it’s determined you are a viable candidate for surgery, a tummy tuck could potentially be your solution to a pain-free life.

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is often associated with facial alterations, boob jobs and other elective and appearance-based procedures. But what most people don’t know is that there is a huge range of cosmetic treatments and operations that can be considered completely medically necessary.

Medically necessary procedures can be covered by your private health insurance, so when the time comes to fund your cosmetic surgery, it’s really important to understand the distinction between necessary and elective procedures. Here’s how:

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Breast Lifts: The Complete Guide

For many women whose bodies have deteriorated due to a number of factors, breast lifts are a great way to modify chest size, contour, and elevation. This operation is also known as a “mastopexy” and is a rapidly increasing field of cosmetic surgery.

So what is a breast lift? Well, the main goal of this surgery is to reposition the breast and nipples in order to restore their natural look. This procedure may also involve removing excess skin, tightening the tissue and giving breasts a better shape.

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not an easy one. In this blog, we will explore mastopexy, including facts, reasons to have the procedure, and common misconceptions about the operation.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Labiaplasty

As the name suggests, labiaplasty is a procedure for altering the folds of skin (or lips) of the vulva, which are called the labia minora and majora. This form of cosmetic surgery is performed for a number of reasons, the most common of which is a reduction of the labia minora.

However, there are a group of operations that fall under the term ‘labiaplasty’. In this blog, we are going to look at what they are, why people choose to have labiaplasty and what the benefits (and disadvantages) are.

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Breast Implant Safety: The Complete Guide

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a big decision, so it is important to consider a number of factors before deciding to have the procedure performed.

As with any procedure, there are health risks associated with breast enhancement surgery. Some of the associated complications are not pleasant. However, there is a very small likelihood of these problems occurring. Risks are further diminished if you have the procedure performed by an accredited surgeon in a fully equipped medical clinic or hospital.

Before actually having surgery, surgeons will discuss the possibility of things going wrong, including symptoms and side effects as well as any recommended corrective treatments/further surgery. Anyone considering this surgery should be proactive and educate himself or herself in order to make an informed decision.

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The 4 Factors Affecting Post Breast Surgery Outcomes

Thousands of women every year undergo cosmetic breast surgeries for a number of reasons.  Results differ from person to person but your ultimate results of a cosmetic breast surgery depend on many factors, including which operation you are having. This article will discuss the outcomes you may experience post-surgery as well as the factors affecting these outcomes.

There are four main factors that affect the outcome of your breast surgery. These factors are as follows:

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Breast lift, reduction, and augmentation: What you need to know

There are 3 operations that are considered in terms of improving a woman’s breasts:

  1. Breast Augmentation (enlargement)
  2. Mastopexy (the technical name for a breast lift)
  3. Breast Reduction

While the decision as to which operation is best or most suitable may seem straightforward it can, in fact, be quite complex. Women’s breasts are subject to the changes of puberty, ageing, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain or weight loss.

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