Breast Lifts: The Complete Guide

Breast Lifts

For many women whose bodies have deteriorated due to a number of factors, breast lifts are a great way to modify chest size, contour, and elevation.

This operation is also known as a “mastopexy” and is a rapidly increasing field of cosmetic surgery.

So what is a breast lift? Well, the main goal of this surgery is to reposition the breast and nipples in order to restore their natural look. This procedure may also involve removing excess skin, tightening the tissue and giving breasts a better shape.

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not an easy one. In this blog, we will explore mastopexy, including facts, reasons to have the procedure, and common misconceptions about the operation.

Why get a breast lift?

In the article “The Truth about Breast Lifts”, plastic surgery professor Christina Y. Ahn notes that the reason that many people opt for the procedure is simply to get back what has been lost over time.

“Patients say, ‘I want my own breasts back,’” claims Ahn.

During her lifespan, a woman can experience changes in her breasts cause feelings of dissatisfaction. This can be due to significant weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heredity, or simply descending with age or the effects of gravity.

A breast lift is designed to elevate the breasts, therefore reversing these changes.

What you should know

Rise in popularity

Breast lifts are becoming increasingly popular with many women. According to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the rate of breast lifts has increased by 70 percent between the years 2000 and 2014 [source], indicating that the benefits of mastopexy seem to be appreciated by a number of women.

Getting a breast lift

Source: Breast Lift 4 You

Before the breast lift, patients will meet with Dr Goldman for a pre-operation consultation. During this visit, or another pre-surgery appointment, the surgeon and patient will determine the end nipple position. A series of measurements are taken and the breasts are marked out and mapped to determine what region of the breast is to be removed and moved up to the new position.

They will then escort the patient into the operating room, which may be a hospital or day surgery centre. The patient then will meet the team, which will consist of nursing staff and anaesthesiologist and be given a general anaesthetic or sedative.

The surgery itself only takes about 4 hours. As well as removing excess tissue, the surgeon will use existing breast tissue to reposition the nipples.

Some patients choose to add implants during the breast lift surgery to add volume and roundness.

Back pain and posture

In the article Breast Reduction & Breast Lift 13 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Surgeries, the author states, “I wish I would have known how wonderful I was going to feel after this surgery. If I had, I would have done this years ago.”

As well as a reduction in back, neck and shoulder pain, she reports an increased sense of confidence because of how perky her breasts were. Her husband also noticed a positive change in her posture.

After the breast lift

After surgery, patients often experience discomfort, swelling and bruising. This typically last for a few weeks, though the surgeon will make suggestions to expedite the recovery period.  Post-surgery pain reduction typically includes prescribed pain medication or a surgical bra.

To facilitate the healing process, it is important to rest as much as possible, although most patients return to work and are able to do light activities after the first week. It is crucial to avoid heavy lifting for two months following surgery in order to avoid disrupting the healing process.

Breast Lift misconceptions

There is a wide array of misunderstanding that surrounds breast lifts. It is time to clear some of these up.

Breast lifts work better with implants



While overall outcomes of a breast lift may improve when combined with implants, it is not necessary in every instance.  Many patients can get excellent results just from a lift. It is best to discuss individual cases with a plastic surgeon.

Breast lifts will increase breast size

Breasts will not increase in size after a lift. They may appear to be larger, but that will be due to improved shape and positioning. While the quantity of breast tissue does not increase, the quality does. The addition of implants will increase the size if desired.

Permanent scarring post-treatment

No one wants unsightly scars, so it is understandable that this point can be of concern to those considering mastopexy. For the first few months after surgery, the breast lift scars can be very noticeable, often appearing very red and lumpy. But don’t worry– over time, scars will fade. There are some treatment options to reduce scar appearance.

Fortunately, scarring is easily hidden beneath clothing, undergarments, or swimwear. The trade-off is younger, firmer looking breasts, which is why the vast majority of women are happy with the result of the procedure.

Breast lifts permanently fix breasts

While breast lift surgery doesn’t delay natural processes and aging, most patients obtain very long lasting results thanks to new surgery techniques


During their lives, women’s breasts will change. Changes can occur from pregnancy, weight change, age or gravity. These changes are completely natural. For some women, breast changes can have an impact on confidence.

Having a breast lift can improve breast shape, projection, and symmetry, as well as give breasts a better appearance. As a result, those who undergo breast lifts look and feel better in and out of clothes.

At the end of the day, whether to get a breast lift or not is completely up to the patient.

Interested in getting a breast lift or simply need more information regarding the procedure? Contact Dr Robert Goldman for an obligation consultation.


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