Lipo Alternative: Vaser Ultrasound Liposuction

Vaser Ultrasound Liposuction

Why I Choose To Use The Vaser Ultrasound Liposuction Rather Than Traditional Liposuction.

One of the most common questions my patients ask is why I use the Vaser system for my Liposculpture procedures. First and foremost I let them know that I believe it’s the best system around and it is genuinely a new generation in liposuction technology.

The most significant advantage with Vaser is that during the procedure, I use a small ultrasound probe that transmits sound energy which helps emulsify and liquefy the fatty tissue that will be removed. By breaking up the fatty tissue first, this allows this tissue to be removed more gently and as a result, minimise the damage to other surrounding tissue including nerves and blood vessels.

Surgeon’s Perspective

As a Specialist Surgeon, I have used both traditional liposuction and the Vaser liposuction and from a Surgeon’s perspective, it really is quite obvious when performing Liposuction just how much easier the fatty tissue that has been treated with ultrasound first can be removed compared to older Liposuction methods.

This gentler process means that I can have more control in selecting the areas of fat to be removed and therefore Vaser allows for a more complete process which delivers better results for my patients. From this gentler process, the recovery for my patients is also consistently faster. With more ability to minimise any disturbance to surrounding tissue, many of my patients have reduced swelling and bruising compared to when I was using first generation Liposuction.

Results: Vaser Ultrasound Liposuction

As a Surgeon who is always on the lookout for technological advances in surgery, I still believe Vaser ultrasound assisted Liposuction is the best system for my patients. This includes comparing Vaser ultrasound assisted liposuction to laser liposuction. Laser liposuction essentially uses a laser to help liquefy and loosen fat cells. While laser liposuction does have a number of advantages over traditional liposuction, I believe ultrasound assisted liposuction overall delivers better results than laser liposuction, especially in the area of reducing dimpling. Laser liposuction also has  a far greater potential of burning tissue whereas the ultrasound Vaser technique I still consider the gentlest and most selective technology when it comes to Liposculpture.

Unsure about the best liposuction option available for your unique circumstances? Dr Robert Goldman would be more than happy to take you through the alternatives and give you his expert opinion.


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