Labiaplasty: The What, Why & How

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An operation to reduce the size and conspicuousness of the labia minora or inner labia.

This is the operation that will result in the inner lips not protruding from the “outers”. An overall more “tidy” appearance is the result with improved personal wellbeing and confidence.

Labiaplasty has suddenly exploded on the scene. This procedure is rapidly becoming one of the most commonly sought after surgical procedures for women. Social anthropologists are studying the reasons why this should be. I think the following issues are contributing to this demand. Firstly, the popularity of the Brazilian wax has resulted in women visualizing their labia. Prior to this, “things” we’re hidden and not easily seen. The next issue was the widespread access to certain “genres” of website where women could, for the first time, see images of potentially thousands of other women who were ” neat and tidy”. Result: I want to look like that!

On a serious note, labialasty in its modern form has been around for some 30 years. Experts who write on this subject initially recommended certain criteria be fulfilled before this surgery could be recommended. Firstly, the maximum length if the labia minora should be more than 4 cm. Next, the labia minora should be inhibiting certain aspects of daily living for example, the discomfort associated with certain physical activities and sporting pursuits. These include exercise, bicycle or horse riding, exercising in a gym, going to the beach, the inability to wear tight jeans, discomfort with intercourse and worst of all, the labia ” getting in the way of the urinary stream” with resulting “spraying”. So, these were the traditional indications for the surgery.

New Procedures

In modern times, I believe that if a woman attends a consultation and requests this surgery, this is sufficient indication provided certain criteria are met. For example, there must be no underlying gynaecological conditions that would preclude this surgery, it must be the appropriate surgery for the appropriate reasons typically the labia minora protrude significantly beyond the labia majora or outers and that the expectations are appropriate.

More recently, additional surgical procedures are being requested at the same time as the labiaplasty. Commonly, clitoral hood reduction where the clitoral hood is surgically trimmed back, typically only around 1 to 1.5 mm to slightly increase the clitoral exposure so as to enhance the sexual experience.

This surgery is being requested by both young and middle aged women. In my practice, this ranges currently from age 18 to 54. The motivations are always the same. However, in the slightly older group, other rejuvenation techniques are becoming popular. It is worthwhile considering that the “skin and other tissues” of both labia majora and minora( outers and inners) are subject to the same degenerative processes as the rest of the body and that as part of a labialasty assessment, Dr Goldman and Keris Gordon, cosmetic nurse, will assess the potential issues of volume loss of both labia majora and minora structures. It is now possible to consider the administration of hyaluronic acid products (so called facial and lip fillers) to rejuvenate the labial structures.

The Future: Designer Vaginas

Currently in Beverley Hills, the concept of the “designer vagina” has appeared. This is combination surgery that  involves labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, G-spot enhancement vaginal “tightening” and rejuvenation using fillers. This vaginal tightening  procedure is nothing more than a refinement of the classic operations for prolapse. The difference is that the tightening operation as well as the other components are performed with laser as opposed to traditional surgery.

As with a number of issues, Australia lags behind the United states by a number of years. We at catching up rapidly.  Currently, Dr Robert Goldman performs a large number of labiaplasty operations and is now combining this with other rejuvenation techniques. We only perform the “wedge” operation.

Interested in labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation procedures or simply want more info to make a better decision then feel free to contact Dr Robert Goldman.


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