The 4 Factors Affecting Post Breast Surgery Outcomes

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Thousands of women every year undergo cosmetic breast surgeries for a number of reasons.

Results differ from person to person but your ultimate results of a cosmetic breast surgery depend on many factors, including which operation you are having. This article will discuss the outcomes you may experience post-surgery as well as the factors affecting these outcomes.

There are four main factors that affect the outcome of your breast surgery.

These factors are as follows:

1. Your natural breasts at the time of the surgery

This is determined by the anatomy or structure of the breasts themselves which is genetically determined. For example, some young women who are not overweight and have never been pregnant will have slightly droopy breasts, others have a breast shape called “tubular”. The components of all breasts are breast skin, milk glands, breast fat, and the support ligaments of the breast.

A small percentage of women have variations in the arrangement of their underlying chest wall structure. On occasion, the breast bone may be more prominent: it can protrude out in front of the ribs or be sunken in from the ribs.

The breast bone may be wider than average which then means the natural cleavage is wider and less pronounced. In this situation, cleavage after the surgery will be less dramatic than expected. The junction between the ribs and breastbone may also be prominent and this may remain after the procedure.

The most important factor affecting your results is whether or not you have had children. Pregnancies almost always lead to stretched breast skin, as well as loss of breast gland and breast fat volume. The supporting ligaments of the breast are stretched as hormones change during pregnancy. This results in sag or droop.

Women who have never been pregnant will usually have a tight breast skin envelope, as the breast gland and breast fat has not been altered by the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Therefore, women who have not been pregnant will have a tighter, more “perky” look and result. Women who have been pregnant will usual have a degree of droop, which is natural. Overweight women will also have similar post-surgery outcomes to women who have been pregnant.

2. Your actual breast measurements

Your measurements will be taken at the consultation. This will help to determine the most suitable implants for breast augmentations. It’s important that you are thoroughly and accurately measured in order for the implants to be proportionate to your body. There is a range of implant options within your size range, with varying materials, shapes, and sizes.

Your consultation will include an implant sizing exercise, determined by your measurements at the time. If you lose weight or become pregnant after the surgery, the results can be very different from what you expect.



Weight loss after cosmetic breast surgery causes the volume of the breasts to decrease, due to loss of breast fat. Implants then become the wrong size, as the breasts have changed. Other implant-related complications also become more likely. On the other hand, weight gain will result in an increase in breast size and may cause droop to become worse.

3. Your post-surgery lifestyle.

The amount and frequency of exercise you do can have a negative impact on your post breast surgery outcome. A drop in overall body fat percentage will result in a decrease in breast volume.

Of all exercises, running causes the most complications with implants. Women who undergo repeated physical bending and general domestic duties may experience in implant complications such as rippling.

4. Surgery results

Dr Goldman’s surgery is procedural in that the actual operation is standard. There may be very slight variations based on your breast structure and where the natural breasts are located on the chest wall.

Ultimately, the results depend on your breasts and chest wall structure as well as your choice of implant. A breast augmentation, lift, or reduction will not give you a “new” pair of breasts; the surgery will modify and hopefully improve your existing breasts.

Dr Goldman always does his best to ensure that your surgery’s results will be as good as possible for you at the time of the surgery. Dr Goldman and his team go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

It is important to note that, as with any surgical procedure, flawless results expected but are not guaranteed. The end result may be different than you expected, in which case corrective surgery may be required.

The assessment and sizing for a breast augmentation (implants), and the assessment and markings for a breast lift or reduction is performed according to your measurements and proportions at the time. If you undergo any changes in the physical proportions of your body, the outcome related to your breasts will change. The human body is dynamic and undergoes continual change. If you alter your lifestyle to further this change, the results of cosmetic breast surgery will also change, usually for the worse.

Other factors to consider:

  • A review of recent scientific research has now established that there is no evidence that silicone gel-filled breast implants cause disease.
  • Dr Goldman does not guarantee the implants used. ALL implants have been licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the major makes carry a manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Rejection of silicone breast implants without any other factors has not been reported.
  • Breast pathology changes may occur independently of the implants and occur in the same frequency as women without breast implants.
  • No guarantee has been given as to size and shape of the breast. Good results are expected but not guaranteed.
  • In some patients the margin of the implants can be felt. This occurs usually with weight loss/decrease in body fat percentage.
  • The incision will heal with a scar which will be permanent.
  • 25% or 1 in 4 women will require surgical maintenance of their breasts and implants after an augmentation.
  • Pregnancy is not recommended for at least six months after breast surgery. Should you become pregnant after your augmentation, there is a likelihood your breasts will deteriorate.

If you would like more information on post-surgery outcomes and the breast enhancement process, contact Dr Robert Goldman today or check out his cosmetic surgery blog.


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