Busting the 7 Biggest Bust Myths

Busting the 7 Biggest Bust Myths

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s anatomy and confidence.

It is important to consider all factors of breast augmentation to make smart decisions.

For whatever reason you are wanting a breast augmentation, there are many myths surrounding the procedure. From replacements to breastfeeding we want to clear your cleavage confusion.

Myth 1: Wearing a bra prevents your breasts from sagging

Wearing a bra every day does not help your breasts to stay up. Research has been conducted to show that wearing a bra every day can actually encourage sagging by weakening breast tissue. So, every now and then jump on the #freethenip trend.


Rather, Cooper’s ligaments can be to blame for your breasts heading south. These ligaments are the connective tissue in your breasts which helps them maintain their shape. Over time, these will start to stretch out, causing you to notice your youthful perkiness disappear. This process is completely natural and every woman experiences it (although, some lucky ladies run into this later in life).

However, researchers have an exception. Wearing a supportive bra during exercise helps reduce breast bounce which slows down the breakdown of breast tissue. 

Myth 2: Breast augmentations are only for people wanting a bigger size

Breast augmentations are conducted for many reasons including correcting asymmetry, repairing genetic breast deformities, restoring breasts following cancer surgeries, and enhancing breast shape after weight loss or pregnancy. 

Myth 3: Breast implants look fake

Don’t want your breasts to look like Dolly Parton’s? Don’t worry. If done correctly, breast augmentations look natural and in proportion meaning your family and friends might not even notice.

TIP: Listen to your doctor’s recommendations, your frame and skin elasticity needs to be taken into account. 

Myth 4: Your family/friend’s experience will be the same as yours

You and your friends have different muscles, breast tissue, and frames so refer to your surgeon’s recommendations.

Breast implants aren’t a “one size fits all” solution. Although you can have a goal in mind, remember that bringing in your favourite photo of Emily Ratajkowski will just be a guide, not something you should expect to be an exact result.

Pain is also something that varies. You may know of someone who had unbearable pain after the surgery whereas you might experience little to absolutely zero pain.

Myth 5: You can’t breastfeed after an augmentation

Just because you haven’t had kids doesn’t mean you can’t get an augmentation. There are 2 areas where your implant can be inserted, in front of or behind the muscle. When placed in front of your breast muscle, the implants can cause pressure on your glandular tissue. This can cause a decrease in your milk production resulting in needing substitutes for your child.

Under the muscle implants are equally likely to cause disturbance to your milk production. If difficulties do occur, it is likely that this issue was a factor before your augmentation, not a result of it.

Breastfeeding can and does occur with implants. Remember, 1/3 of normal women ( without implants) an naturally unable to breastfeed, If you have had a breast augmentation and are then unable to breastfeed, the implants a very likely NOT to blame.

Always make sure to let your surgeon know whether you’ve had kids or would like to have them.

Myth 6: Once you have an augmentation, you can’t get mammograms

Implants don’t reduce the risk of cancer, nor do they interfere with regular screenings. Although it is safe for women with implants, there can be a minute chance that the pressure of the mammogram can cause the implant to rupture or break. However, the important thing is that this is very unlikely.

If you are concerned about cancer screening, consult your surgeon – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Myth 7: You need to get your implants replaced every 10 years

This is a widespread myth due to many implants having a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. If your implants haven’t ruptured, you haven’t experienced any unusual pain and you are happy with your shape, there is no need for a replacement.

However, if you have a baby, lose weight or are unhappy with your results, you may need an adjustment.

So, what now?

Breast augmentations may seem daunting, however, it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. Close to 100% of women are satisfied with their results and in many cases, your surgeon will correct any issues you have.

Check out a locally qualified specialist surgeon with a focus in cosmetic surgery and think twice before travelling overseas to get a cheap boob job. Make sure you are comfortable with your doctor and always ask questions.

Dr. Goldman is happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure during your consultation and will offer extensive reading and educational material to take home to assist you in the education and decision-making process.


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